Hoof Trimming Tool

Hoof Trimming Tool

Hoof Trimming Tool

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Need to manage more than a few hooves?

Need to manage more than a few hooves?

Need to manage more than a few hooves?


Cleaner, Smoother, Healthier Hoof

Cleaner, Smoother, Healthier Hoof

Cleaner, Smoother, Healthier Hoof

The EHK used on a horse

Easier Trimming

Struggling to trim your animals hooves? Don’t suffer through painful and time-consuming methods of trimming. Use the Electric Hoof Knife to reduce the pain and strain on your back, hands and wrists. The Electric Hoof Knife uses patented technology to quickly and efficiently remove hoof material like no other tool on the market. It’s hoof trimming made easy!

Safety Features, tool head shown

Safety Features

This electric hoof trimmer is lightweight and easy to control. Use the Electric Hoof Knife to do detailed trimming work and get into tight spaces with ease. This precision instrument only removes the desired amount of hoof. Trim safer and never quick your animals again! Protect you and your animal with the aluminum safety guard.

Gold rasp disc used on a goat

Better Hoof Health

Do your current trimming methods leave the hoof with ridges and tiny cracks? This leaves room for dirt and bacteria build up. Prevent hoof rot and disease by trimming regularly with the Electric Hoof Knife. After trimming with the tool your hooves will be smoother and cleaner than any traditional methods.


Complete Equine Hoof Care Set

The Electric Hoof Knife Equine Hoof Care set includes:



Glenn, our Sheep trimming researcher and developer

From someone who knows!

“I’ve been a hoof trimmer for twenty-six years. I started using the Electric hoof knife, because I was using regular hoof knives. The Electric Hoof Knife took the fatigue away from my wrists and I’ve gotten a lot better looking result with it than from the regular hoof knives. As far as the hooves, they are a lot cleaner, and a lot easier to trim even at their worst. It is a whole lot better looking and functional for me. It’s probably the friendliest thing that I’ve found, because it does the work for you. You get it so much cleaner and flatter around your white lines.

The Electric Hoof Knife is the only tool I’ll use.”

– Glenn Rowland


8 Piece Horse Hoof Trimming Set - replacing the need for horse rasps, clippers, shears, and manual knives.

Horse Trimming Set


8 Piece Large Goat and Sheep Trimming Set. Learn how to trim goat hooves with our tool

Large Goat & Sheep Trimming Set


8 Piece Complete Bovine Trimming Set

Complete Bovine Hoof Care Set


Electric Hoof Knife as Seen on the "American Farmer"