Choose from a wide range of hoof care tools to enhance your hoof trimming.

Our special made tool sets combine the powerful Electric Hoof Knife with special trimming discs that make your job easier for whatever animal you have. Your hooves will be smooth and even. Each set makes the Electric Hoof Knife perfect for the animal you’re trimming. Eliminate the pain, and switch.

Having troubles with things like hoof rot, and laminitis? Check out our corrective accessory discs. They are designed to work in tight areas, and remove only what’s necessary. Trying to get that perfect show hoof? We have high grit sanding discs, and smoothing grinders that will make your hooves show ready. Whether you need to just clean up and get to the next hoof, trying to treat a problem, or making your animal ready for the show, we can help you.

Work better, not harder with the Electric Hoof Knife