Red Coarse Grit Power Rasp


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The Red Coarse Grit Power Rasp is a 2″ flat profile, red, coarse abrasive disc with a 10 mm center hole.

This disc is our toughest rasp disc and will take off stubborn hoof easier than you’ve ever experienced! Use this disc to put an extra fine finish on standard horse hooves after trimming with the 4-Tooth Tungsten Carbide Chain Disc. Replace your horse rasp with something that will get the job done better.

Smooth out hooves and flaky or dead sole quickly and evenly with our Red Power Rasp. Even out the rim of the hoof, and clean the sole of the hoof. Like all of our discs, it is specially designed to not get hot while spinning. Because you will see what you’re taking off, there’s less of a chance to injure your animal.

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