Pain-Free Trimming
Utilizing chain disc technology, the Herd Boss decreases the wrist, arm, and upper body pain that usually accompanies hoof trimming. Cutting on its side instead of its face, the Herd Boss gets rid of the painful chopping motion associated with other rotary blades and gives a smooth trim every time.

Lightweight & Powerful
The Herd Boss only weighs five ounces, making it one of the most lightweight rotary trimming discs on the market. It’s weight doesn’t stop it from being the toughest out there, though. The Herd Boss is powerful and aggressive but easy to maneuver, so you can get the job done with the least amount of effort.

One-of-a-Kind Chain Disc Technology
The Herd Boss is a patented tungsten carbide 6-tooth chain disc designed specifically for hoof trimming. Unlike anything else on the market, it cuts on its side, not its face, making trimming effortless, painless, and fast.

Smooth and Controlled
The Herd Boss is aggressive but stays where it’s put, without grabbing or pulling away. It can smoothly trim even the toughest hooves- with no resistance- in just about a minute.

Sharpens Easily- Stays Sharp
Because the Herd Boss is so easy to sharpen, our customers usually sharpen the teeth after trimming 25-30 cows. This means you can constantly keep a perfect edge on the chain teeth, so no cow is ever trimmed with a dull disc. Don’t waste time sending replacements back to be sharpened when you can sharpen the Herd Boss yourself in a matter of minutes.

The Herd Boss can trim thousands of cows before needing a chain replacement and there are no inserts to buy, no return shipping charges, and no manufacturer sharpening costs. With an operating cost of a penny per hoof, and an average yearly savings of hundreds of dollars (compared to other rotary tools), you’ll save money using the Herd Boss.

The Herd Boss Trimming Disc is the perfect solution for high volume maintenance trimming, but if you’re also looking for a tool that will make treating laminitis issues easier and quicker, check out the Electric Hoof Knife. Utilizing the same chain disc technology as the Herd Boss, the Electric Hoof Knife can be substituted for your traditional hoof knife during almost any hoof care procedure.