Have a question about the Herd Boss Trimming Disc? Browse through our FAQ below to get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the Herd Boss Trimming Disc?

The Herd Boss is a lightweight but powerful 6-tooth tungsten carbide chainsaw disc especially designed for the hoof trimming industry. This powerful chainsaw technology allows the disc to slide smoothly across the hoof, reducing stress on your wrists, back, and shoulders. The patented design of the Herd Boss will allow you to increase your production while feeling less fatigued at the end of the day.

Q: Who is the Herd Boss for?

The Herd Boss is for the dairyman or professional hoof trimmer who trims a large amount of cows.

Q: What tasks does the Herd Boss do?

The Herd Boss quickly and effectively removes hoof material during standard maintenance trimming. It is designed to aggressively yet effortlessly remove hoof material on non-diseased or undamaged hooves.

Q: Is the Herd Boss safe?

Yes. We have never had a chain break, disc crack or tooth fly off of the grinder. Not one disc has ever been returned because of a manufacturing defect. Special design features ensure the Herd Boss does not overheat and that the chain does not come loose during use.

Q: I don’t have an angle grinder. What do I need?

Depending on your country we highly recommend a 4.5” (115 mm) grinder using the 7/8” (22 mm) arbor. In Europe 125 mm grinders can be used. Nearly every 4-1/2” (115mm) and 125mm grinder is suitable for use with the Herd Boss, but there are two exceptions. The Herd Boss will not fit on the US 4-1/2” Skil or Skil Bosch models with a 3/8” center shaft.

Q: Do you recommend a paddle switch or a slide switch for the grinder?

While there is no noticeable difference in the performance of the Herd Boss using a grinder with either a paddle or thumb slide switch, we recommend you use a paddle switch grinder when operating the Herd Boss. Paddle switches tend to be more reliable, with less switch failure occurring over a period of time. Paddle switches are also easier to use, as depressing a switch with the thumb/fingers curled around the switch is slightly easier than reaching for a thumb switch located on the top of the grinder. HOWEVER, we always like to add that a paddle switch will not bring any disc to an immediate stop. Any and all discs fitted to angle grinders, regardless of the type of on/off switch, will spin for up to nine seconds before coming to a complete stop after the switch to the motor is turned off.

Q: Will using the Herd Boss save me money?

Yes, the Herd Boss can trim a large number of cows before needing a chain replacement. There are no inserts to buy, no shipping charges and no manufacturer sharpening costs. You can easily re-sharpen the tungsten carbide teeth by hand. With the Herd Boss operating cost of less than a penny per hoof, this could result in a savings of over $1,500 per year versus the cost of using other rotary tools. You can extend the life of your Herd Boss and therefore save money by making sure the hoof and disc are both clean before each trim.

Q: Do I have to change the position of the safety guard?

We recommend using the safety guard between 23 and 90 degrees, in the position safest and most comfortable for your operation. For detailed information refer to the instructions that came with your tool. You can also find those instructions here.

Q: Can I work without a safety guard?

NO! If you remove the safety guard and run the tool, it is NOT safe! The Herd Boss is designed to cut with the teeth on the bottom and exposed left side of the disc. Removing the safety guard exposes the top half of the chainsaw teeth to the fingers when held in the preferred position. DO NOT REMOVE THE SAFETY GUARD. It is not good for your health or safety, and if you run the tool without the safety guard you will be exposing yourself to a lot of unnecessary risk. 

Q: Can I use the Herd Boss the same way I use other rotary type cutting discs or do I have to learn a new technique?

Your stance and position will stay the same, however, the traditional chopping motion and wrist action currently associated with other rotary type discs doesn’t exist when using the Herd Boss. Because the Herd Boss cuts on the side of the discs instead of the face, it smoothly moves across the hoof. You can effortlessly pull the Herd Boss from heel to toe, making it easier and much less fatiguing than traditional hoof trimming rotary discs. The Herd Boss has to be at a 10º to 15º angle as it makes contact with the hoof, but it’s exactly the same position you would use with a grinding wheel on metal or a flap sander on wood, so chances are you’re used to it already. You can find detailed instructions on how to hold and operate the Herd Boss here or in the instruction manual included with your tool.

Q: Do I need to clean the grinder?

Yes. Because the Herd Boss removes hoof shavings so quickly, we highly recommend you air blow the body and the on/off switch. Clean on a regular basis as part of your normal maintenance. This will prevent shavings accumulating in the motor windings. Additionally, if you own a thumb slide on/off switch grinder, blow under the “off” section of the switch, but only when the power is disconnected. It’s very important to keep the switch clean. If shavings accumulate under the “off” section, during operation when you depress “off”, the switch may stay locked “”on” and you’ll be pressing the switch rapidly backwards and forwards until it switches off. It is in your best interest to keep it clean.

Q: Is the chain replaceable?

Yes. We recommend having one spare chain available for the Herd Boss. Instructions on changing the chain can be found here.

Q: Do the chains require oil?

No, the only maintenance required is to sharpen the teeth. The chain is securely locked in place between two discs and does not move independently like a chainsaw over a bar. The only parts that wear are the teeth. It is recommended that chains be stored in a small container containing diesel fuel to help keep them free of grit and rust.

Q: How long does it take to trim a hoof?

Once you are confident using the disc and have had a bit of practice, it takes about a minute or less to trim a hoof.

Q: Is the Herd Boss made for high volume herds?

Yes, we developed the Herd Boss for high volume production, not for just occasional trimming. You can sharpen the teeth multiple times and never have to return it to us for sharpening. The Herd Boss chain should be replaced when the tungsten carbide coating on the teeth has been worn off.

Q: What are dimensions of the Herd Boss?

It’s overall size is 3-1/2” (88 mm) in diameter with a 7/8” (22 mm) center hole. It weighs only 5 ounces.

Q: Is the Herd Boss easy to sharpen?

Yes, you can easily touch up and sharpen all 6 tungsten carbide coated teeth with a diamond-coated hand file, available from our store.

Q: Will a regular chain saw file sharpen the tungsten carbide teeth?

No, the tungsten carbide teeth are way too hard for a standard file. It has to be a diamond-coated file like the one sold in our store.

Q: How frequently do you need to sharpen the Herd Boss?

We recommend that the teeth be re-sharpened after every 25 – 30 cows. You only have to run the diamond-coated file over the tooth a few times so it takes just minutes to touch up the teeth. By sharpening the teeth more frequently you can extend the life of the chain.

Q: Will a regular chainsaw file sharpen the Herd Boss?

No, the tungsten carbide teeth are too hard for a standard chainsaw file so you must use a diamond-coated file like the one sold in our store.

Q: Can the diamond hand file also be used to sharpen my traditional hoof knife?

Yes, professionals report that the file works great on hoof knives.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Electric Hoof Knife- Dairy?

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