Safe & Comfortable
The Electric Hoof Knife is much easier to control than regular hand shears, so you won’t risk cutting away too much and making the hoof bleed. As the discs only gently buff away hoof material and do not heat up, there is no uncomfortable pressure on the animal’s hoof either. It is also less stressful on your wrists and hands than regular shears, as there is no need to exert a lot of strength to use the tool.

Smooth & Controlled
The Electric Hoof Knife provides smooth and even results while being easier to maneuver than regular hand shears. With precision and accuracy, the tungsten carbide grit effortlessly moves across the hoof and leaves them looking like new after each trim. Our customers frequently tell us that the Electric Hoof Knife does a nicer job at trimming and is easier to use than hand shears.

Fast & Convenient
Using this tool requires no physical exertion and takes, on average, less than five minutes to trim all four hooves. This makes the entire trimming process less painful and stressful for you and the animal you’re working with. As the Electric Hoof Knife can be powered by a small generator, you can take it to wherever your goats are, making trimming hassle-free. It’s also easy for anyone to learn how to use and, at 1.2 pounds, is light enough to be held in one hand.

Three Disc Options
The Electric Hoof Knife for Goats & Sheep comes with your choice of two of our three discs. The Gold Fine grit disc is for light applications, like trimming small, baby, or well-maintained hooves. The Blue Coarse grit disc can be used on larger hooves and for heavy duty trimmings on a smaller herd. The Silver X-Coarse grit disc is designed for heavy duty trimming on large herds as it significantly reduces the time spent trimming. And while the Electric Hoof Knife may be more expensive than hand shears, the versatility provided by its three discs is well worth the cost.

Better Hoof Health
Well maintained hooves are more comfortable for your animal, allow their legs to grow normally, and prevent hoof disease. Unlike hand shears which leave jagged edges and uneven areas, the Electric Hoof Knife puts a clean and smooth finish on the hoof. There’s no edges or cracks for dirt and bacteria to get into, so it’s less likely that your animal’s hooves will become infected.

No Sharpening Required
The Electric Hoof Knife’s discs are covered in a durable tungsten carbide grit that can last for hundreds of trims. The discs are designed to buff rather than cut away the hoof. You’ll never have to worry about tough or dirty hooves dulling a blade edge after only a couple of trims. Cutting out the time it takes to re-sharpen hand shear blades makes trimming much quicker, too.