Have a question about the Electric Hoof Knife? Browse through our FAQ below to get answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the Electric Hoof Knife used for?

The Electric Hoof Knife is a tool designed to assist in the removal of hoof material. The Electric Hoof Knife can quickly trim the hoof wall, sole, and heel and works by buffing off hoof material.

Q: Who can use Electric Hoof Knife?

If you are currently trimming with or know how to trim with hoof trimmers/shears and are comfortable around power tools then you shouldn’t have any problem using the Electric Hoof Knife. We have also found that the design of our tool makes it especially effective for women who want to trim but find it hard to do so with traditional trimming tools. It is also a great tool for those who used to trim but had to stop because of arthritis or other ailments.

Q: How long has the Electric Hoof Knife been on the market?

Our tool was first introduced in 2005.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Electric Hoof Knife?

The Electric Hoof Knife is extremely light, weighing in at only 1.2 lbs (0.54 kg). It is only 11.5” (29.2 cm) long and each disc has a diameter of 2” (50mm).

Q: Can trimming with the Electric Hoof Knife lead to better hoof health?

Yes! Our customers tell us that, because it is so easy to trim using the Electric Hoof Knife, they find themselves getting back into a regular 5-6 week trimming schedule. This makes their animal’s hooves stronger and healthier, as everyone knows frequent trims are best for your goat. The Electric Hoof Knife also puts a completely flat finish on the hooves, unlike the jagged and rough edges that shears leave. This means that there is nowhere for dirt, muck, or bacteria to get caught in; therefore it is less likely your animal’s hooves will become infected or diseased.

Q: How long does it take to trim a hoof?

Most experienced trimmers using the Electric Hoof Knife can trim a goat’s four hooves in less than five minutes. Generally, using the Electric Hoof Knife will reduce the time it takes to trim. You will find that the more you use it and the more comfortable you get, the faster you will be able to trim.

Q: How difficult is it to use the Electric Hoof Knife?

We’re confident the Electric Hoof Knife can be used by anyone- all it takes is a little practice. There’s a brief learning curve, but you’ll get a feel for the tool in short order.

Q: Does this tool require learning a new trimming technique?

As the discs included in the Electric Hoof Knife Goat & Sheep set are designed to buff away hoof material, there is no hand cutting required. Instead, you only need to use a simple pulling motion like if you were using a power sander.

Q: Does the Electric Hoof Knife have to be plugged in or does it have a battery?

The Electric Hoof Knife runs off electricity so you have to have it plugged in. You can plug it into a grounded electrical outlet or run it off a generator.

Q: Can it be powered by using a DC/AC inverter?

The Electric Hoof Knife pulls 1 amp / 100 watts of power and can be operated very effectively with an inverter plugged into your car or truck’s 12 volt power outlet.

Q: I have arthritis in my hands. Is it going to be difficult to hold the Electric Hoof Knife?

Not at all. The Electric Hoof Knife is specifically designed to be small and light- but also powerful- so that you only have to apply the minimum amount of pressure to make the cut.

Q: How do you hold the Electric Hoof Knife?

For the greatest amount of control over the Electric Hoof Knife, grip the tool’s neck, just below the gear head. This way, the tool will feel more balanced in your hand. Make sure you are not covering the air vents.

Q: How do you practice using the Electric Hoof Knife?

The easiest way to practice is to get your most docile goat or sheep and just start using the tool. If you have a goat or sheep with horns, you can practice the trimming motion on the horns as the technique is the same and the horns are unlikely to be injured while you practice. Always use your best judgment when operating the tool.

Q: Can I plug the Electric Hoof Knife into an extension cord?

Yes. Make sure everything is properly grounded.

Q: Do the discs get hot on the hoof during the trimming?

Because of their patented designs, the discs generate little to no heat and nothing that would be detrimental to the hoof or painful to the animal.

Q: Is the Electric Hoof Knife available for worldwide use?

Yes, the fixed speed model is available in a 110 volt 60HZ model for the North American and Japanese markets and in a 220–240 Volt 50/60HZ model for the European, United Kingdom and Australian markets.

Q: Is the Electric Hoof Knife loud or noisy?

When using the tool, you can expect the same noise level as from a pair of electric clippers or shears (less than 100 decibels).

Q: Do you have to clean the disc?

Yes, we recommend you brush off the buildup of dirt and hoof dust on the disc after every one or two animals so that you can make sure the disc is performing the most effectively every time.

Q: Is the Electric Hoof Knife safe?

Yes. We have never had a chain break, disc crack or tooth fly off the Electric Hoof Knife. Not one disc has ever been returned because of a manufacturing defect. You can read more about the safety of our tool here.

Q: What safety equipment do I need when using the Electric Hoof Knife?

When using the Electric Hoof Knife you should always wear gloves, eye protection, and chaps or some sort of leg protection. As an additional safety measure, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of Kylar gloves that are made for use around chainsaws.

Q: Do I have to change the position of the safety guard?

The safety guard comes pre-positioned for your safety. However, we recommend you adjust it to find the best fit for you. We recommend using the safety guard between 23 and 90 degrees, in the position safest and most comfortable for the way you hold the tool.

Q: Can I work without a safety guard?

NO! If you remove the safety guard and run the tool, it is NOT safe! The discs were designed to cut with the teeth on the bottom and exposed left side of the disc. Removing the safety guard exposes the top half of the chainsaw teeth to the fingers when held in the preferred position. DO NOT REMOVE THE SAFETY GUARD. It is not good for your health or safety, and if you run the tool without the safety guard you will be exposing yourself to a lot of unnecessary risk.

Q: What type of plug is used on the 220v Electric Hoof Knife?

2pinplugThe 220v model is manufactured using a Two (2) Pin, Type C, non-grounded, European Plug. We also have separate options for the UK and Australia.