Goat owner
I have a neurological tremor in my hands. This product has been a great help to me in achieving good trims with no bleeding from the
goats or me!
Reviewed by: Karen Johansen from Bishop, GA. on 4/8/2015

Great Tool – Electric Hoof Knife for Goats & Sheep
I purchased the hoof knife in June, 2014. We have a lot of dairy goats. Some of their hooves are like rock! The Hoof Knife has made
it so much easier to keep up with all the hoof trimming. The hooves are all neat and the goats are walking so much better. Plus, as show animals, they look better, too! It is a great tool to have.
Reviewed by: Deb from NE OHIO. on 1/10/2015

Electric Hoof Knife
I just received my Electric Hoof Knife. This tool makes trimming almost effortless. My horses are used to being vacuumed, so the
noise from the EHK was a total non-issue. They just let me put their hooves up on the hoof stand and work away. You could tell that they appreciated my FINALLY finding a way to do the trimming faster. My farrier is looking forward to trying it tomorrow when he comes to shoe. I am guessing he will have his own Electric Hoof Knife very soon.
Reviewed by: Linda K Alldredge from Cataldo, ID. on 4/7/2015

I use the rasp instead of the chainsaw disc, too!
The EHK has been the answer to my prayers. I used to trim my horses in my 20s and 30s, then started a carriage business and had to have a farrier to shoe, which is beyond my ability. Now even farriery is beyond my wallet (it was costing me $250 every time they came to do my driving horse and two foxtrotters). So I found the EHK online and when I told my boyfriend how much money we would save in farrier bills, he pulled out his credit card and bought it for me on the spot! I am a 56-year-old female and just wasnt able to squeeze a pair of hoof nippers anymore, so this is a real godsend. I agree with renee that I find I use the Power Rasp almost exclusively now. I started out with the chainsaw disc, and it is truly easy to use and very effective handled correctly. That said, it is so sharp and powerful that if it slips into a nick in the hoof, or if you have a horse with hooves like concrete like my spotted draft, it bounce a bit and land at unintended angles on the hoof…the instructions recommend you wear leather gloves when using the EHK, and I absolutely agree. The power rasp does everything i need. If you need to knock off, say, a really long toe or trim some rock-hard flares, then the chain disc is the ideal tool. But once your horses’s feet are under control, pulling out that power rasp every few weeks gets the job done! Now we just use easyboots if we need shod hooves, and it makes trimming down the flares a breeze for those times when they have grown just a bit too much to easily slip into their boot. EHK is a real lifesaver and worth every penny. If I had the money, I’d buy the company. : )
Reviewed by: Terri Aigner from Virginia. on 3/4/2015

Best Pedicure Ever
My girls feet never looked so good! Took me a little getting used to, but their hooves look great and it was so much easier on my hands. Money well Spent!
Reviewed by: Cindy Jackson from Colbert GA. on 9/19/2014

Best Investment!
Trimming goat hooves is hard on my husband’s arthritic hands with the standard hoof shears. We decided to invest in the electric hoof knife and we are so glad we did! Sure you could use an angle grinder, but those are bulky, heavy, loud & put off alot of heat on the hoof. The electric hoof knife can be held easily with one hand, is easier to grip because of its slender size, is no louder than electric hair trimmers & you can trim more precisely. And once you get used to using it, hoof trimming doesn’t take as long. It is worth every penny!
Reviewed by: Tosha Smith from Rogers, TX. on 9/11/2014

Mr Roberts
We have a 3 yr old buck that has hoofs so hard we can’t cut them with even the sharpest hoof shears. The medium grit disc did pretty well but the coarse grit disc is the answer. The sound of the machine doesn’t bother him and it is much easier on my wrists. We have finally gotten his hoofs back into good shape.
Reviewed by: Mark Roberts from Woodruff South Carolina. on 6/3/2014

We know the Electric Hoof Knife will revolutionize the way you trim, but don’t just take it from us. We get letters and emails all the time from our satisfied customers telling us how the Electric Hoof Knife has helped them achieve a pain-free, fast, and effortless trim. Take a look at what our customers are saying, and if they convince you that the Electric Hoof Knife is the right tool for you, head on over to our store!


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