The safety of you and the animals you trim is our greatest concern. If you have any questions about how to safely operate the Electric Hoof Knife or Hoof Boss we encourage you to visit our FAQs, read through our online instruction manuals, or give us a call.

We understand that a lot of people initially have concerns when they hear the words “electric” and “chain disc” put together. But we want to assure you that the Electric Hoof Knife is completely safe when you follow our clear operating instructions. All of our discs have distinct patented safety features designed to keep you and the animal you are working on protected and safe. Below are some of the highlights of the Electric Hoof Knife’s and Herd Boss’ safety features.

Strong and Safe Construction
We have never had a disc or chain break during trimming and we have never had a single disc sent back to us because of a manufacturing defect. The tungsten carbide chain disc is designed so that the chain cannot fly off of the disc during operation. Our discs are also designed to never heat so they maintain low temperatures during trimming, extending the life of the blade and protecting the animal’s hoof.

Comprehensive Instructions
Our clear and specific safety instructions are included in every tool set, and if you follow them, no harm will come to your or the animal you are working on. We understand your concerns and encourage you to read all of our included safety instructions and watch our equine and dairy instruction videos before operating the Electric Hoof Knife or Hoof Boss. Our most important safety requirement is that you NEVER OPERATE THE TOOL WITHOUT THE SAFETY GUARD ON. Doing so significantly increases the chance of causing harm to yourself or the animal.

Quiet – Won’t Scare Animals
At less than 100 decibels, our tool is relatively quiet and most animals will not be bothered by it. However, when trimming a horse, always introduce the tool to it first. If you sense the animal you are working on is distressed in any way, stop trimming immediately and calm it before continuing.


  • Always use caution when using a power tool- the biggest danger is complacency and lack of attention while working.
  • Always wear the proper safety equipment while trimming with the Electric Hoof Knife or Hoof Boss. Eye protection and thick gloves (such as Kevlar or chainsaw gloves) are necessary when trimming with our tool. We also recommend close-toed shoes and long-legged trousers or chaps.
  • Always make sure the hoof you are working on is secured safely. If you are working with a horse, always make sure to bind up their tail.
  • Keep yourself between the power source and the animal at all times- this will minimize your cord management and make trimming safer.

Always remember that hoof trimming requires practice and knowledge about hoof anatomy. We encourage you to read up on trimming before using our tool so that you are fully aware of the process of trimming hooves. While our included instructions are comprehensive, they are not a substitute for proper training and experience.