ideal for trimming tough and large hooves, the 4-tooth chain gets the job done better.

4-Tooth Chain Disc


Ideal for general maintenance and rugged work of trimming tough and large hooves.

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At only two inches in diameter, this disc is the world’s smallest chain disc. This patented chain disc makes trimming hooves easier, faster, smoother, and less painful compared to traditional hoof trimming tools.

This disc consists of a 4-tooth tungsten carbide coated chain that fits between two 10 mm discs. Our 4-tooth chain is used to trim all parts of a hoof. The blade is precise and accurate that you can remove hoof slivers as thin as an eggshell. You will have complete control over every cut.

In addition to hoof trimming, this disc is great for DIY projects, woodcarving, home maintenance tasks, and more- this may be one of the most versatile tools you ever purchase!

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