Reduces Hoof Knife Use
Utilizing chain disc technology, the Electric Hoof Knife can replace your traditional hoof knife during nearly all hoof maintenance tasks, making preventative care and corrective trimming easier than ever before.

Prepare Hooves and Blocks for Application
The Electric Hoof Knife is an all-in-one solution and a must-have for your toolbox. In addition to cutting hoof material, it can also roughen up hooves before applying glue and modify wooden blocks for a better fit, promoting faster healing.

Precise & Accurate
The Electric Hoof Knife’s precision and accuracy give you complete control over how much hoof you remove. You can perform the most specialized hoof care tasks and complete detailed procedures with ease with this safe, effective, and easy-to-use tool.

Sharpens Easily – Stays Sharp
Unlike a regular hoof knife, the Electric Hoof Knife is easy to sharpen and stays sharp, so you’ll get an easy and smooth trim every time. With our diamond-coated chain file you’ll save time, too, as it only takes a few minutes to sharpen all four tungsten carbide teeth.

If you’re also looking for a pain-free, fast, and easy way to maintenance trim large herds, check out our heavy duty, six-tooth Herd Boss Trimming Disc.