Below are a just a few videos sent in from our many satisfied customers showing us how to trim hooves the Electric Hoof Knife. (You can see more by visiting us on YouTube.) Want a chance for your video to be featured on this page as part of our Customer of the Month Spotlight? Film yourself using the Electric Hoof Knife and tell us why it’s your favorite trimming tool. Then, send us a YouTube link to your video on our Contact Us page, and you might just get a chance to show the world how much you love the Electric Hoof Knife!

Electric Hoof Knife Chainsaw Disc Trimming Hoof

Electric Hoof Knife Chainsaw Disc on Miniature Hooves

Trimming Cadaver Hoof at Florida Veterinary School

Chainsaw Disc Trimming Draft Hoof

Electric Hoof Knife Power Rasp on Standard Hoof

Electric Hoof Knife Miniature Trimming Disc

Customers Trimming with the Electric Hoof Knife

Power Rasp Buffing Draft Hoof