Treat Laminitis Early, Save Money
Don’t risk taking your cow out of production because a laminitis problem worsened while you were waiting for your hoof trimmer. The Electric Hoof Knife makes it easy for you to perform corrective procedures, so you can take care of hoof problems as soon as they arise.

Useful for Small Amounts of Maintenance Trimming
If you only trim a few cows, the Electric Hoof Knife is the perfect all-in-one tool for you. Utilizing chain disc technology, the Electric Hoof Knife can smoothly cut through even the toughest hooves in seconds, leaving a neat finish every time.

Perform Preventative Procedures Easily
The Electric Hoof Knife is so precise you can remove hoof slivers as thin as an eggshell, and its accuracy gives you complete control over how much hoof you remove. This makes it easier than ever to perform the most specialized hoof care tasks so you can take care of laminitis problems easily and effectively.

Sharpens Easily – Stays Sharp
Unlike a regular hoof knife, the Electric Hoof Knife is easy to sharpen and stays sharp, so you’ll get an easy and smooth trim every time. With our diamond-coated chain file you’ll save time, too, as it only takes a few minutes to sharpen all four tungsten carbide teeth.

If you’re also looking for a pain-free, fast, and easy way to maintenance trim large herds, check out our heavy duty, six-tooth Herd Boss Trimming Disc.