THE ELECTRIC HOOF KNIFE . . . Quality Built In

Image of Hoof TrimmerThe Electric Hoof Knife was specifically designed for the hoof trimming industry, taking into account customer feedback and using only the highest-rated components throughout. The tool is assembled here in Tallahassee, FL, so we have complete control over the quality of the Electric Hoof Knife from start to finish. We really work hard to offer our customers the best and most effective trimming power tool on the market.

The Electric Hoof Knife has several features that when combined provide our customers with a superior trimming experience every time, the Electric Hoof Knife is powerful, durable and highly efficient.

Spiral Bevel Gears
The Electric Hoof Knife utilizes spiral gears which work harder, operate more quietly, and produce less vibration than any other type of gearing system. They are up to 99% more efficient, making trimming smoother, easier, and faster.

Improved Safety Features
The Electric Hoof Knife comes with a one piece cast aluminum safety guard, designed to be very durable and provide protection for the user from flying debris. The switch guard is designed to provide protection against accidental starting. We utilize resilient materials making the Electric Hoof Knife less susceptible to damage.

Ergonomic Exterior
The Electric Hoof Knife is designed for comfort so that you can trim longer, with less hand, arm, and wrist fatigue. Its’ grittier texture provides more control over the tool so you can easily maneuver the Electric Hoof Knife during trimming.

Increased Air Flow
We’ve designed a powerful, high-capacity fan and extra air vents on both the neck and bottom of the Electric Hoof Knife, keeping the tool cooler so you can trim for longer periods of time.

Improved Motor
Developed in direct response to the needs of the hoof trimming industry, the Electric Hoof Knife’s motor effortlessly rotates at 13,000 RPMs providing a smooth trimming experience. The motor was designed with high efficiency in mind. The motor can also be powered by an automobile’s AC/DC power convertor, so you can trim anywhere, anytime.

Improved Electronics
The Electric Hoof Knife’s printed circuit board and electrical components are made from eco-friendly materials and are RoHS compliant. Pulling only one amp of power, the Electric Hoof Knife is also energy efficient. The quality of the Electric Hoof Knife’s circuit board allows it to interact harmoniously with the motor, delivering superior results during every trim.

Fixed Speed Model
By offering the Electric Hoof Knife as a fixed-speed model, we have been able to maximize its overall power and performance. Utilizing the optimal rotational speed for performing hoof care tasks, the new Electric Hoof Knife operates both powerfully and smoothly.